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now. >> cnn is now upgrading the description of the shooter when he walked into the theater, this through twitter, two minutes ago, cnn saying, in addition to the bullet-proof vest and goggles, face covering, he was also wearing a riot helmet when he walked in and opened fire on this. some eyewitness accounts coming to us through twitter this morning. one person in the theater said we were watching at a point where a shootout broke out in the movie about 15 minutes in, and that's why the confusion was there as to the dpushts they heard inside. the pops, the cracks, they all thought it was part of the movie. >> we do know children were in the movie theater, however, we don't have it confirmed that any of them have been victims of this shooting. we have heard some were, however, that is not confirmed. we're not telling you that as information that you should take with you, just something that a lot of people are putting out there. but we're giving you confirmed information as it becomes available to us. >> to that confirmation, a lot of things have been going on this morning.
moos, cnn. >> go elmo. >> reporter: new york. >>> michael phelps was a maryland state and national sensation when he won 8 gold medals four years ago. remember that? he is going for the gold in london but says he's going to pair back on the number of events he will compete in. what that means. we will look at it straight ahead. and millions will be taking a summer road trip. but if you -- before you pack the car and kids we have advice things to take advantage of. and as we go to break, here's a live picture of london. you are waking up to what's new in maryland. >>> are awatching the station that w-- your watching the station that works for you oid goorng maryland. >> he served his country fighting in of a gap stan. the maryland marine will be laid to rest today. >>> top federal officials wi
did,. >> reporter: januaryy moose, cnn. >> kudos to him. >> reporter: new york. >> 1993 movie michael douglas falling down have you seen it? >> i have not. >> it's very much like that. and i have to say not good. >> yeah. >> inexcusable. >> yeah. he can complain behind bars and will probably end up in jail. >> he was cheerful while they put on the cuffs. >> he was pleasant. >> i guess he is he is speced it once you have that -- i guess he expected it once you have those antiics. welcome back. >> someone who could have what similar reaction jeff herman the topic of caption this. >> he was pranked over the weekend and as you look at picture we posted on the facebook, oh, he came in to a surprise this morning. >> that's took -- that took work and money. >> i wond here did it, too. >> he says he has suspicions. >> well, we posted a picture on the facebook page and many have sounded off on it. some very funny captions. melissa wrote in saying guaranteed good reception. gina wrote in saying everything has a silver lining and remodeled for one dollar and 89 cents and mike masco said the leng
that this was coming. >> oh my gosh. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> the wrong-way driver told police he couldn't remember anything and he's been charged with reckless driving and no proof of insurance and could face more charges depending on the results of the toxicology screening. >>> all right, time now for our caption this. yes. yes. yes part of the morning right? love it. well today's picture was sent in by katherine per nell of arnold. very cute picture of little tree hugger there. we posted it on the facebook page. many of you have already sounded off. lynn rogers wrote in saying if you cut this down, you've going to have to go through me first. john wrote in saying spread them and don't try anything squirrely. katherine warner do you want a hug? and carrie brown wrote in saying mother nature is worth clinging on to. charlie mike megan do you have anything? >> don't push me i'll jump. >> anybody writ slap? >> i did read a splat on there. >> that's all i can think of when i see that. >> if you ever a caption this photo idea, just sends it to >> excellent job lauren.
,000 dollar price tag makes it an easy addition to the team. >> in the back corner. >> reporter: cnn bethesda, maryland. >> i will -- police in florida had quite a situation on their hands. >> this whole thing is caught on dash cam and it is who is in the car that will have you shaking your head. >> the president and first lady had a moment while watching a basketball game in d.c. we will show you what happened. >>> if you are head downtown for work we have a traffic alert. streets are blocked off downtown because of a major water main break. it happened yesterday but it could cause delays today. and lauren told us that two lanes of lombard street opened up so that's good news. but linda, they have a lot of work to do. >> reporter: a lot of work. and you can see the reason why. right there, there is that huge hole where this main broke yesterday. it is going to take several days for them to make the repairs complete. all night they have been pumping water out of the hole so the contractors could get down to see what actually caused the main to break when it happened yesterday. it made a mess
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5